Virat Kohli gets Surprise Package to make RCB champion in season-13

Virat Kohli gets Surprise Package to make RCB champion

De Villiers, who battled on behalf of AB de Villiers RCB, has designed a surprise plan to make the team champions this season. He’s going to hit enemies not only with a bat but also with a ball.

Equipped with star stars, Royal Challengers Bangalore has been eager for the title for 12 years, but the squad is now able to place a smile on the faces of the fans of Royal Challengers Bangalore. In this series, Virat has made a tactic to kill the field opponents with his surprise set.

During the RCB rehearsal in the UAE, AB de Villiers was also seen sweating the nets. But interestingly, aside from beating and fielding, he tried his hand at bowling and carrying.

After that, when you were asked to practice batting, bowling, and holding, you’d save whatever else you want to train for. De Villiers said that we were attempting to respond to this.

If, on one occasion, Virat wants me as a bowler, I’m happy for him. For this cause, I ready myself for any need. One of the key reasons for making de Villiers a surprise kit is that you have to leave.

And in the 12 seasons he’s played so far, AB de Villiers hasn’t bowed. In any season, he didn’t even bowl a strike. Not just that, de Villiers also played 78 international Twenty cricket matches, but he never bowed during that period.

In other words, if Virat ever wishes to use de Villiers as a bowler in a seasonal match, then the other battsmen would have no awareness of his bowling. RCB is a surprise for this season, RCB captain Virat Kohli looks pretty optimistic.

He feels that his squad is pretty well rounded. The members of the squad are doing their hardest to win the championship. In such a scenario, it has to be seen if Virat ‘s surprise kit manages to win him the title or the RCB’s bag will again remain undisturbed.




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