Unlock 4 Guidelines on School open In Which States [Updates]

Unlock 4 Guidelines on School open In Which States

The school has been closed down since the country’s health crisis. Along with the guardians, the children are still waiting for the school to open and for us to learn as before because there are a lot of problems with online studies.

Students from 9 to 12 classes have been permitted to attend school since September 21. State governments are now providing recommendations for this. What items students need to take extra care of when they go to classes. Take a look at the frame.

At present, following the guidance of the central government for the opening of schools in Block 4, the state governments have also begun to lay down laws for the start of schools in a staggered manner for children from 9th to 12th.

A few days earlier, the Ministry of Health of the Union released guidelines for the opening of schools for senior-level children. It was said that kids from 9 to 12 standard could come to school and study with written permission from their parents.

Haryana, Jharkhand, and Andhra Pradesh are also planning to open a school in a staggered manner from class 9 to 12. Children from 9 to 12 will now be eligible to enter school with the permission of the guardian from September 21.

So let us tell you what stuff to keep in mind when you go to school.

  • Biometric attendance will not be allowed. Students have to make a distance of at least 6 feet.
  • The face mask will be mandatory.
  • No staff or students with symptoms of corona will be allowed to attend school.
  • There will be a thermal screening of every student and staff at the school gate. Sanitizers of students will be done at the gate itself.
  • Inside the campus, hands will have to be washed with soap or sanitizer every once in a while.
  • At school, students will not be able to share a pen, pencil, notebooks, or any other items with other students.
  • Assembly sports or other events will also not be allowed.
  • There will be a restriction on spitting on the school premises.
  • Everyone has been advised to download the Arogya Setu App.
  • Schools will also have to make arrangements for Pulse oximetry.
  • The government has no plans to open pre-primary and primary schools. Online classes will continue here as before.
  • Also, there will be a complete ban on the opening of schools in the high content zone.
  • Apart from the three states, more states are considering opening schools.

So children and school management who are preparing to go to school from September 21 will have to take special care of these things.




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