Tram line will be laid in Kolkata to reduce greenhouse gas

Tram line will be laid in Kolkata to reduce greenhouse gas

The government of West Bengal has agreed to build a tram line to reduce the possibility of global warming and to monitor the emission of greenhouse gases. Managing Director Raj Naveen Singh Kapoor of West Bengal Transport Corporation said more and more trams are being considered in Kolkata.

He said that to satisfy passenger needs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, more tram routes are expected. Many tramway overhead wire networks were destroyed by the uprooting of trees during the cyclone. To repair the tram lines, engineers from the West Bengal Transport Company worked all day.

He said four of the six tram routes have been restored so far and five are expected to launch in another week. 80 trams are now being built by WTI in the city. At the end of the year, 50 trams will be added.

To minimize DTC greenhouse gas emissions and waste from diesel-powered cars, the focus is on developing more solar roads. The fifth tram route is set to begin next week between Isplanet and Sham Bazaar.

He said that four routes had already been restored by the WGC: Daliganj Daliganj Rajabazar Howrah Bridge, Garia Haat Minute, and Howrah Shyam Bazaar. It is important to note here that the tram lines in Kolkata have been put on the routes.

The bus travels along with cars and other buses on trams. It can be seen as a small train running on a track of its own. Stop exits have been made for this, where individuals ascend and descend.



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