10 Top batsmen Hit highest fours in the history of IPL

10 Top batsmen Hit highest fours in the history of IPL

The thrilling IPL is going to write its 13th edition. All is documented in this, from the celebration of victory to loss. Even the record that forced audiences to pinch their teeth under their teeth.

They have a record, thus the record of the highest fours in history. You’ll be shocked to hear that 8 Indian batsmen are among the top 10 batsmen with the highest number of fours and that only two international players are included in this list.

In the 12th season of the Indian League, Indian players controlled the most cross-border ball.

Top of this is the Indian squad Gabbar, i.e., Shikhar Dhawan. This season, Dhawan is playing in the Delhi neighborhood. Dhawan has hit 524 borders in the Indian League and is at the top.

Suresh Raina is the number four of the four threads. However, Raina, who plays Chennai, is not part of this season.

Some players type their names in number three. Gautam Gambhir has a total of 491 fours.

Virat Kohli is the fourth with 480 borders. After Virat, Australia’s David Warner, captain of the Hyderabad Sunrisers in the Indian League, crossed 458 lines.

Robin Uthappa is number six in this list and has 435 fours.
But there’s the number seven hitman, Rohit Sharma. To date, Rohit’s bat has recorded a total of 431 in this league. 404 fours in the 8th place.

When it comes to fighting hard, Chris Gayle’s face comes first, but Gayle is far behind instant ticketing to the Indian League. Chris Gayle, the world’s most dangerous batsman in the Twenty20s, is number nine in this 469-four list.

Wicket-keeper Parthiv Patel is also included in this list. He crossed 365 fours and was ranked tenth.

These statistics are expected to adjust in season 13, starting on 19 September. It will have to be seen whether Indian players will once again be able to preserve their dominance in this region, or whether international players will win the game this time.



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