Taiwan gave warning to China Do not make the mistake of entering our border

Taiwan gave warning to China Do not make the mistake of entering our border

Taiwan warned China on Thursday about its jet fighter. Chinese fighter jets in Taiwan’s border airspace were not being flown. Vice-President Lai Ching-te of Taiwan warned China by tweeting on this problem.

It wrote today that, in Taiwan’s Air Defense Recognition Field, China flew its fighters jets. Do not make such a mistake while walking the line. Taiwan is hoping for stability, but we’re going to defend our people.

Let us claim that a month ago, in the Gulf of Taiwan, Chinese fighting jets crossed the international border. In this situation, Chinese military fighters have been requested to be monitored in the Taiwan Defense Ministry. These aircraft he wanted to land.

Taiwan was strongly objected to by the Chinese Air Force. Last week in the Gulf of Taiwan, the USA activated its Guided Missile Destroyer. The unique point is that the USA had not previously mentioned this, but the US sent a second destroyer in the South China Sea in two weeks.

The US is prepared to support Taiwan with everything possible. The move shows it is ready. The US NSA already revealed that the US wouldn’t stay quiet if Taiwan is threatened. Indeed, China claims that Taiwan is a part of it.

Taiwan was in danger of being targeted by the Chinese Communist Party. As a result of China’s resistance, Taiwan did not attend the World Health Assembly. In this scenario, China will make sure that America would not stay quiet as it did. Indeed, China continues to be part of Taiwan.

The one Chinese rule to join Taiwan must be followed. Yet Taiwan has been restored. Taiwan is now under pressure from the Nationalist Socialist Party. During this time, China-Taiwan relations have worsened, and somewhere apparently at the edge of the war.




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