Soviet Russia’s Luna 2 World First spacecraft Landed to the moon

Soviet Russia's Luna-2 World's First spacecraft Landed to the moon

Luna-2, the world’s first spacecraft to land on the moon, reached the lunar surface on September 14, 1964. It’s sometimes named learning two. The Soviet Union that is. Russia has accomplished this accomplishment through a great deal of work. This was the second spacecraft left under the Luna Mission of the Soviet Union.

Luna Two is believed to be the first human-made spacecraft to hit the moon successfully. The Luna Two spacecraft was launched on 12 September 1959 under the First Moon Landing Mission. This project of the long-standing Soviet Union was kept secret. The world had not yet known that the Soviet Union was working on such a brilliant strategy.

The night of September 14, 1959. He reached the lunar surface at a speed of 12,000 kilometres per hour. Since travelling at such a high speed, the Luna Tour was totally ruined. This was the time of the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union. The loss of Luna Two during the race to degrade one another was a significant setback for the Soviet Union.

However the achievement of reaching the surface of the moon was tremendous. Even though Luna Two had been killed, scientists had received a lot of valuable knowledge from this mission. This has demonstrated that there is no effective magnetic field around the earth, but no radiation belt has been detected on earth.

So far there have been more than a hundred moon projects, 40% of which have crashed. Soft on the lunar surface A total of 38 attempts have been made, of which 52% have been successful. There six countries or organisations on the moon sent their spacecraft, but only four of them were successful. These four countries are India Russia and China. The first lunar mission was scheduled by the US on August 17, 1958, but the launch of Explorer Zero was unsuccessful.

Progress came after six attempts, during which the Americas launched the Moon on July 20 , 1969, with the Apollo XI flight. The American astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin became the first and second astronaut to walk on the moon. The US sent 31 missions to the Surface, 17 of which sent 33 missions to strike the crashed Surface. 26 of them have crashed.

When Russia was aiming for these stones around the moon on one side and landed on the metre level and touching the earth before going on, America was sending people to the moon. On 14 November 2008, India’s Chandrayaan Forest landed on the surface of the moon, making India the fourth country to raise its flag on the moon.

In the same year, India’s Chandrayaan Q arbiter was mounted in orbit, but the soft landing of the rover may not have taken place. India is now working on the Chandrayaan Three Project. The President of the ISRO, Casey Ban, said Chandrayaan. Chandrayaan 2 is also going to have a lander and rover. The expense of this project is 250 crores.



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