Riya Chakravarthi Daily Routine In Byculla Jail Mumbai

riya chakravarthi Daily Routine In Byculla Jail Mumbai

Byculla jail bell rings at 6 am. Jail is not like a house where you got up at your own will. Breakfast is not accessible until 8 a.m. When your turn comes to mess, Poha or uttapam is offered in your pot along with tea.

Around 2:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m. in the prision cafeteria, each take their own plate to queue up to eat. Lunch contains lentils, rice, bread and vegetables. Then sentenced inmates works inside the prison during the day.

Since Riya is already in prison, she’s not going to have to work in court. For now, after lunch, relax in your barracks lying on the concrete, but if she is convicted by the judge, her┬ároutine will change. After that, she’ll have to work every day until lunch, and then they’ll get an hour of free time in there.

Riya is being advised to spend the rest of her time in her barracks. It is repeating the same meal after dinner at dinner. You should not need to say individually what the bulk of the prison’s food is. The most surprising thing is that often breaking the food of the jail to eat good food will be nothing short of a nightmare.

Not just that, there are even more bad guys in detention, and it appears that the prison bathroom is so dirty that many prisoners don’t even take food to stop going there. Don’t know what’s going on at this moment, but most of the girls are held in prison, because there are a couple of girls who are really bad. The barracks number is now on the first floor, although it is temporary.

It is said that those who go to trial in prison are still here. After the last statement, the inside barracks have been relocated, and it is said that the true hell is the inside barracks.




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