Rafale’s official ceremonies will be held tomorrow

Rafale's official ceremonies will be held tomorrow

Tomorrow, On 10 Septmeber 2020,  will be an essential day for the Indian Air Force because tomorrow is Rafale’s more efficient Germany or its induction. Although Rafale aircraft had already arrived in India, tomorrow, they are going to unskilled Germany, and this will not be done in the submarine condom of Ambala.

So far, what will be many important things? First, tomorrow, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh himself will be present there, and along with him, the Defense Minister of France will be attending and take important detail. Besides this, there will be another essential point that will be visible when the Rafale aircraft is our Tejas Will fly in the air with the planes.

This will be the first time that Tejas and Sarang Ji will be seen doing tricks with both of them on display, and this is very important tomorrow. There the world will see clear pictures of it and directly from the Ambala airbase. After that, the beginning of the ceremony will be that there is a trend of worship from all religions inside our Indian Army with all faiths from all religions rules, so whatever the new risk management.

Prayer is done after that, the second important thing that will be done after worshiping almost now is a display 3 Its phone will tell you Rafael Tejas and third will be Sarang, who is seen doing his tricks in a show.

After that, the Defense Minister will take a media briefing there with the French Minister of Defense to protect our France and tell us how the capabilities of the car are and will give more information about it, but this will be the first time that the world is now starving Rafale aircraft and sleeping Indian Rafale Nashik will see the aircraft directly from Ambala station and within this entire event Nashik.

There will be many important and also official faces in which CDS will be inaugurated. Also, the Air Force Chief will be present. The DRDO chairman will be current, and all these people will be present there, the yoga delegates of many masters and all this are necessary because tomorrow’s ceremony will be awaited for a long time and finally, Rafael.

Now know what things have changed after the arrival of Rafael from Germany, his officer in the Indian Army. Rafael significantly strengthens our capabilities on both LSE and LOC and its secret that it is so much better than his mentor, say, Mentor, we are the only one whose heart is getting all the controversy in which things are getting it. It is going to be India’s most capable or most forward aircraft together by creating a separate aircraft in you.




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