France: Police clarification on the news of Paris explosion said do not panic

Police clarification on the news of Paris explosion said do not panic

There have been reports of a big explosion in Paris. It is said that the explosion was so rapid that the sound was heard in the nearby areas. News agency ANI has been quoted as saying that full information has not yet been released in this situation.

According to the same online media report, eyewitnesses state that unheeded buildings were shaking with the sound of a blast. The sound of the explosion was heard in Paris as well as in the nearby suburbs. The tone is said to be that of a fighter plane that breached the sound barrier.

Let me remind you that anytime the speed of something is faster than the speed of sound or sound, it’s called supersonic speed. The speed of the vacuum sound is 232 meters per second. When anything runs at a speed of more than 200 thirty meters per second, it is called supersonic speed.

When the plane flies faster than the speed of sound, it produces a sound boom. A significant volume of sound energy is produced, due to which no sound is heard until the aircraft appears, but only after the aircraft has passed, there is a loud bang-like sound.

The police appealed to the people not to dislodge emergency vehicles on this whole issue. Let me remind you that the current hearing of the case of a terrorist attack in Charli Abdo, France, began in 2015. Panic spreads among the people there in such a situation.



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