No one cracks Chris Gayle’s fastest Century IPL Record

No one cracks Chris Gayle's fastest Century IPL Record

The most thrilling leagues in the world are beginning now. This time, this IPL came from India to the UAE, where the cricket fans’ entertainment will be complete. A lot of outstanding records are made in this league every year, and plenty is smashed.

Often the batsmen hit the record; usually, the bowlers competed. But there is a record that has been held for more than seven years. Is the record of the fastest century in IPL history, which was scored by Chris Gayle in 2013, when Gayle shattered his 30 great bat hits against Pune Warriors.

More than seven years have passed, so far no one has broken this record. In the sixth season of India’s Superhit TV, Chris Gayle performed a feat that nobody could replicate and not crack the record. Gayle scored the fastest century in IPL history in the game against Pune Warriors India.

Gayle scored this century, winning explosively on 30 balls. Gayle scored a century as he played explosively on 30 balls. Not just this, Gayle made another record of this match. He scored the most undefeated 175 runs in IPL innings and made everyone conscious and gave water to the bowlers.

Many players have attempted to crack Gayle’s record of the 30-ball new century, but many have not been successful. Earlier, the record for the fastest century was in the form of Yusuf Pathan. In 2010, Yusuf scored a century in 37 balls.

However, in 2013, David Miller had come quite close to Gayle’s record as he showed his warrior style to the bowlers and moved to Gayle’s mark, but he, too, was able to score 38 balls in his century. They’ve both been nearest to Chris so far, but Gayle’s record is still intact.

With diligence, nothing is unlikely. It’s said, particularly for videos, that even though some records are made to break, it’s tough to break those records. One of them is Gayle’s record of the fastest century. This time, many players seem to have the potential to crack Chris’s roster.

Andre Russell, who had previously played bowlers for Kolkata Knight Riders, posted a strike rate last season with a 204-capacity RTA performance. Russell scored an unstoppable 80 out of 40 balls, as did Pollard, who scored a magnificent 83 runs on the pitch last season, but Mumbai Indian all-rounder Hardik Pandya hit 90 out of 34 balls.

It remains to be seen if, this time, anyone can try to catch Chris Gayle’s record by touching a boundary or by holding his record again. However, Gayle himself will break his record.




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