Lebanon’s protest intensifies Govt deploys army in Beirut

Lebanon's protest intensifies Govt deploys army in Beirut

There has been a climate of chaos in Lebanon since the Beirut chemical blast. The people formed a front against the administration. Due to the growing turmoil in Beirut, the new government has agreed to deploy its army in the region. Since the chemical blast, demonstration fires have spread to various cities in Lebanon.

Citizens have taken to the streets against the new administration. Considering the seriousness of the matter, the cabinet as a whole resigned. Since the overthrow of the old administration, the people had higher hopes of the current government.

The public expected the new government to address the guilt of the suspects in the blast and to prosecute them.

People upset at the new government’s policies have stepped up demonstrations in various cities around the country. As a result of these protests, the government agreed to mobilize the army in Beirut. Let us tell you that there was a massive blast in Beirut on August 4. More than 190 people lost their lives in the explosion, and over 6,000 people were seriously injured.



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