know 5 such strange rules of North Korea Children will read 90 minutes of Kim Jong-un

know 5 such strange rules of North Korea Children will read 90 minutes of Kim Jong-un

In those days, North Korea’s excentric tyrant, Kim Jong, remains in the headlines. Often the news of his disappearance becomes a phenomenon; otherwise, it’s only a health issue. Now the eccentric tyrant has released another Tughlaqi order. The requirement for preschool children is that they have to spend 90 minutes a day learning Kim Jong.

According to the reports, this order has been issued for children studying at school. It says that students have to think about Kim Jong Un every day for at least 90 minutes. This time limit was 30 minutes ago. It is learned here that Kim used to ride a boat at the age of five years of shooting, and he even practiced a lot.

This isn’t fresh because Kim has passed such an odd order. And before that, specific laws had been enacted in North Korea.

You’re still going to be shocked to know. No man in North Korea will get his hair trimmed to his taste. The dictator’s government published several haircut designs. Haircuts are rendered on their own. If this is not observed, so there is a clause for the penalty.

There is also a provision in North Korea where no average man will purchase a car of his own free will. Only military and government officers are permitted to buy vehicles.

The poor in North Korea can not be photographed. Photography of disadvantaged citizens is a criminal violation in North Korea. It is said that it tarnishes the reputation of the government.

Locals in North Korea can’t wear shorts. While this is allowed to travelers, no one is authorized to wear blue jeans in the memorial halls of King Kulsoom and Kim Jong II.

No one in North Korea will watch porn. When anyone has been found to do so, he is sentenced to death.

North Korea is still in the eye of the international media because of its strange distrust of its people and the horror of its tyrant, Kim Jong Un. The object of Kim’s law is to increase children’s knowledge or tell us your thoughts in the comment section about the dictator’s praise.




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