Kim Jong Un orders to shoot Infected Chinese People

Kim Jong Un orders to shoot Infected Chinese People

Coronavirus contamination continues to occur around the world. While several countries are busy producing vaccines to prevent the outbreak, Kim Jong Un orders to shoot Infected Chinese People to avoid the spread of the lethal virus.

The US Army Commander stationed in South Korea reported that the North Korean authorities had directed shoots to kill people coming from China to avoid coronavirus. North Korea has not yet recognized a single crown in the region.

During the event, Robert Abraham, U.S. Forces Korea, Head of Youth Defense, announced that he had shot an infected person from North Korea. Robert announced this during the All Nine conference hosted by the Washington Centre for Strategic International Studies, CAS IS, that North Korea has built a new buffer zone about one or two kilometers along the Chinese border.

He also mobilized the North Korean Special Operations Force (STF), which was ordered to kill a human contaminated with Corona. North Korea closed its border with China in January to avoid persistent infection. China and North Korea are friendly countries to each other. Not just this, but Kim Jong has also toured China several times.

Also, North Korea imports goods from China in significant amounts. But Korea had closed its border with China many months ago to prevent Corona from being poisoned. More notably, Kim Jong Un has not reported a single announcement in his country since the onset of the disease.

Commander Robert Bruce Abrams of the US Army said that North Korea is dealing with economic sanctions as a result of its nuclear program and that supplies from China have declined by 85 percent as a result of the closing of the border with China. The US military commander has said that North Korea is still reeling from the impact of the cyclone storm.

This wind has destroyed more than two thousand houses. Because of this situation, he does not expect that North Korea would be engaged in any kind of disruptive operation for some time to come, because its focus at this time will be to deal with the problems of Corona and Hurricane.




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