Kim-Jong-Un Gave the Order To killed His officers

Kim-Jong-Un Gave the Order To killed His officers

The tales about North Korean dictator Kim Jong’s tyranny are well known. Identified as the King of North Korea, Kim Jong is known all over the world for his brutal actions and policies. He came to a similar conclusion, for one thing, once again making the tyranny of the leader known. North Korea has fired five employees of the ministry of economy.

The only mistake of these people was that they were opposing the actions of the emperor Kim Jong-un. Kim Jong’s firing squad is thought to have gunned down these Communist Party leaders. This officers, who were sentenced to death, addressed the economy of the country during the party and pointed out the need for industrial reform.

These events are known to have happened as of 30 July 2020. Such authorities strongly criticised Kim Jong Un’s economic policies and said that they made North Korea one of the poorest countries in the world. So what was it? As the news of the discussion hit Kim Jong, they were called to a meeting.

After the briefing, the secret police arrested the officers again. These officers admitted to questioning the group and then fired them—the emperor Kim Jong sending their families to youkyung camps. By the way, send you facts, there’s been a lot of talk about Kim Jong’s health in the meantime. It was also claimed that he died in a coma or something similar.

As a result, reports of giving power to his schemes have also been revealed. However, US President Donald Trump has recently halted all these speculations. Trump said Kim’s health was all right, and nobody could doubt him. This is not the first time Kim Jong has told people to fire. Even earlier, a US military officer posted in South Korea reported on Friday that North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un had ordered civilians from China to be killed to avoid an outbreak in the region.

No confirmed coronavirus cases have been recorded in North Korea, adjacent to China. In the meantime, thousands of people have been homeless in North Korea as a result of the storm, but Kim’s full attention is on coping with Covid-19.




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