Kangana responded sharply to Anurag Kashyap on Twitter

Kangana responded sharply to Anurag Kashyap on Twitter

Between Kangana Ranaut and Bollywood, war doesn’t take the name of a visit. Doing has been an intruder on many Bollywood celebrities since the death of actor Sushant Singh Rajput. In such a scenario, some people are also helping Kangana, while some are even making fun of Kangana.

Anurag Kashyap and Kangana Ranaut clashed on Twitter yesterday. Kangana tweeted yesterday that I am a satrap. I can cut my head, but I cannot bow my head! I will always raise my voice for the honor of the nation. I live with integrity, respect, self-respect, and will live proudly as a nationalist! I will never compromise with the principle; I will never do it! Jai Hind.

On this tweet of Her, Anurag Kashyap wrote that there is only one sister – only Manikarnika. You take four to five and go to China. See how far you have penetrated. Show them that even as long as you have no hair of this country can be tied. One day’s journey from your house is just to LAC. Go lioness. Jai Hind.

Where was Kangna going to sit silent after this reply from Anurag? She also retweeted Anurag’s back and wrote, OK, I go to the border, you should go to the next Olympics, the country needs gold models ha ha ha all this no B grade film. Not where the artist becomes anything, you started taking Metforz lightly, how long have you been so retarded, when we were friends, we were very clever.

After which Anurag retweet and wrote, Your life has become a metaphor now, sister. Everything is also a metaphor. Every charge is a metaphor. So much metaphor has hit you on Twitter that the public has started calling the unemployed generator your dialogue writer. Nobody knows better than you how to improvise you are.

After this, Kangana gave a sharp reply to Anurag and wrote that there is no meaning, do not want to make it worse anyway, I back off, I do not feel bad, please drink hot turmeric milk and sleep, Tomorrow is a new day.

Let me tell you this is not the first time that Anurag and Kareena have met on Twitter like this. Even before that, there was a heated debate between the two. Anurag said some time back with a tweet that he did not know this new technology and said that the opioid of achievement and power pushes people away, but Kareena is being removed by redeeming her.



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