Kangana Ranaut’s Safety But Why Not Think of Common Women

Kangana Ranaut's Safety But Why Not Think of Common Women

The Narendra Modi government has shown considerable seriousness in Kangana Ranaut’s case. It has only provided cover to the Y group due to a verbal debate with Shiv Sena chief Sanjay Raut. But a lot of girls like Kangana are tired of praying for protection and justice in the world.

Yet they have no security, and that is why, as the parties talking about women’s safety in the country join the legislature, the abuse of women rises daily. Violence against women is growing year after year, but the government doesn’t care about it, it’s concerned.

At this time, there is a massive upheaval in the politics of Maharashtra. The politics that began with Riya Chakraborty’s case have now fallen to Kangan Ranaut. Riya is currently in prison, while the BMC has opened a bulldozer in Kangana’s building. Some people are in favor of Kangana, and some are also in favor of Riya.

The two of them are getting support, and these names are well recognized. They have a face image, but what about women who are victims of violence. Can the government ever come back and help ordinary women. The stories of oppression on women are increasing year after year.

According to the report of the National Crime Statistics Agency, NCRB, in 2017, 50 lakh 7 thousand 44 cases of crime were reported, out of which 3 lakh 59 thousand 849 issues are related to crime against women. I wish the government would take care of these poor also. They may have had general cover from the security division Y, even away from the police. But what to do, their power is neither Kangna nor luck.

How insecure women are in the country, let us know from the statistics that in 2015 there was 3 Lakh 29 thousand 243 cases of crime against women. A year later, in 2016, this amounted to 3 Lakh 38 thousand 954. In one year, the number of offenses against women surpassed 9 thousand 711.

In 2017, this rise was increased to 20 thousand 895 and 3 Lakh 59 thousand 849, respectively, so these figures on women’s crime indicate how much the government is concerned about them.

The government that can provide protection category Y for Kangana Ranaut immediately, why is it not serious about the safety of a common woman in the country? Why is our government waiting for a crime against these women? Why do these women have to switch from protection to rate?




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