Kangana Ranaut Retweet Donald Trump Tweet for support against Joe Biden

Kangana Ranaut Retweet Donald Trump Tweet for support against Joe Biden

In Bollywood, Kangana speaks frankly about everything from working to talking to celebrities. Kangana maintains an eye on stories happening in the nation and foreign relations.

In such a case, she has always held her thoughts in front of viewers; Kangana Ranaut, who is fighting sabotage and BMC in her office, has earned many social media followers.

Since speaking over Kisaan Bill in India, the President of the United States supports Donald Trump. She was continually talking about the Bollywood relation in India. She was now referring to Donald Trump’s tweet, telling Trump to run a substance test on Biden.

Trump wrote in a tweet before the debate on Tuesday night, and then he’s still able to have Biden tested in a substance survey. Trump has raised concerns about the results of his discussion.

She wrote, praise not the content of this tweet but the context in which it is being discussed. The illusion of taking drugs is better than abusing one’s mother, or shaming someone on mental health should be understood to be what we consider to be genuinely shameful.

In this way, Kangana supported Trump and entered American politics. Explain that Anushka Sharma and Sunil Gavaskar gave their views on this case, drug mafia, farmers bill, Uddhav Thackeray, Maharashtra government, and other things.

Apart from this, he is also fighting a war with the BMC over sabotage in his office. They say they have never started a fight, but they have not shied away from ending every battle.




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