Israelis protest outside Benjamin Netanyahu’s residence

Israelis protest outside Benjamin Netanyahu's residence

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is facing widespread criticism. People join week after week in the march. On Saturday, demonstrators formed a front in the capital of Jerusalem. Thousands of people assembled in front of PM’s house. The Israeli flag and defiant signs were in the hands of the demonstrators.

The demonstrators demanded the resignation of Prime Minister Benjamin. Knowing the seriousness of the situation, the police pursued the demonstrators, but the people remained defiant. However, several citizens were also arrested by the police. Not only in Jerusalem, but in all the major cities of Israel, people are expressing their anger towards Netanyahu.

Indeed, Benjamin Netanyahu is guilty of corruption and bribery. These charges against the PM are reportedly under investigation. Demonstrators are demanding that the PM, faced with corruption allegations, step down from his post. The only explanation for the protests is not just graft, but the public claims that the Netanyahu government initially struggled to monitor the transmission of the coronavirus adequately.

The Israeli public is upset at not being able to do correctly with the Corona outbreak. Every day, an unprecedented number of new cases of coronary virus arrive in Israel. Protesters are scheduled to demonstrate outside Netanyahu’s residence every Saturday in the summer.



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