India’s Foreign Trade Declines Freight Work At Ports Reduce

India's Foreign Trade Declines Freight Work At Ports Reduce

The effect of health issues in the world is evident not only on domestic trade but also on international trade. The estimates from the Indian Port Association IPA have indicated that international trade has declined dramatically. By way of a survey, the health crisis in the whole world has destroyed everyone and, at the same time, debunked all the government’s arguments.

This has also resulted in international trade with small and medium-sized traders in the region. Yeah, a recent study shows that the flow of goods at important ports in the world decreased by 16 decimal 5 6% to 24,5 million tonnes in the period from April to August of the current financial year. Of these 12 main ports operated by the central government, except Mango Village, the freight rates of all other ports decreased for the fifth consecutive month.

According to the latest data from the Indian Ports Association IPA, the four ports of Chennai Cochin and Kamaraj saw a 30% decline in washing during April-August. At the same time, the transport of JNPT and Kolkata ports reported a decline of more than 20%. Now let us tell you what percentage of decline has been reported in major ports.

29 decimal eight eight per cent drop in freight traffic at the port of Cochin. Twenty-five percent drop in JNPT port freight. The port traffic in Mumbai had decreased by 19.31%.

It is clear that this step of a health condition has caused him a lot of problems. The letter of all the government’s shortcomings is slowly coming out, but the government has no plan to resolve it.




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