Huge fire in California forests million People Leave Home

Huge fire in California forests million People Leave Home

This 20th year of the 21st century would be remembered in several forms for America as a year of tragedy. More than one and a half million people have been killed in the country for the first time in the presidential election year. Still, America is dealing with another similar disaster that will be spoken about less in the media.

After the fire in the Amazon forest, the fire in California shocked everybody. These fires in the woods are not only killing living objects; they are also helping to remove the toxins in the air. Millions of wild animals were destroyed in the Amazon fire.

Far more significant casualties are now reported from the forests of California. The California fire has ravaged several of the nearby cities. Thousands of homes have been destroyed. So far, more than five lakhs have been sent to safe locations.

The color of the sky here is also altered due to flames. The fire spread over an area of 40 kilometers frequently engulfs people’s houses. On Friday night, the forest fire erupted very rapidly, with over 45,000 acres in its grasp.

As a result of the eruption, residents were driven to safer areas in the franco district of Central California, and the roads were inaccessible to ordinary citizens. After a record-breaking summer in California, residents are now shocked by an orgy of flames. The double whammy of nature forced them to move to a better location. They were asking people not to get close to the fire and get out of the houses.



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