Health Ministry advised Corona patients to do yoga and eat Chyawanprash

Health Ministry advised Corona patients to do yoga and eat Chyawanprash

The Ministry of Health has released a consultation guide for compassionate patients and those. They have recovered from Corona as a result of the growing outbreak of Coronavirus in the world. Because of the catastrophic state of infection, Health Ministry advised Corona patients to do yoga and eat Chyawanprash.

Ministry of Health of India, after suffering from sympathy, issued it to patients to avoid falling victim to empathy again. The Ministry has stressed the use of therapeutic and mass dispensing in counseling programs to people suffering from sympathy. The Ministry of Health said in a tweet that patients suffering from compassion should use Ayush Medication hot water.

Also, the emphasis has been put on the treatment for the exercise of the respiratory system. According to the Ministry of Health, exercising in the morning and the evening is much healthier for recovered people. Also, a healthy diet was often required to eat freshly prepared foods.

Along with the requisite rest to stop alcohol to smoke, monitor your health regularly, including blood pressure and sugar, and control your heart rate. The doctor was also asked to contact the psychiatrist a week after discharge. Along with this, Ayush was also advised to drink decoction to improve immunity.

If Aayush decoction is not possible and, in case of dry phlegm issues, it is recommended that you drink 1 to 3 grams of mulethi powder in hot water and drink it twice a day. One or two teaspoons of turmeric in milk in the morning and evening.

Drinking has also been ordered. The Ministry of Health also provided gurgle guidance on salt and turmeric. Chyawanprash has also been asked to eat every day. Earlier, the Ministry of Health has urged private hospitals that handle patients of the Crows of the Nineties to ensure that people suffering from India’s illness are not refused beds and medical treatment.

The number of patients afflicted with Coronavirus in the world has risen to 46 lakh 59 thousand. Around the same time, the number of people who died of illness rose to 77 thousand 472. One consolation in the meantime, however, is that 36 Lakh 24 thousand 196 people have so far recovered from Crow’s nitrous infection.

The percentage of regeneration of coronary artery patients in the country is 77 decimal 7%. However, it has been shown that even after healing from coronary artery injury, many individuals have begun to have other health issues. People had to be treated again because of this several times.



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