Happy Birthday Doordarshan The channel Celebrating 61 Glorious

Happy Birthday Doordarshan The channel Celebrating 61 Glorious

Today’s young generation living in this age of connectivity and digital transformation may not know the significance of Doordarshan, but the previous generation has had a strong bond with Doordarshan. On September 15 1959, Doordarshan was established as a government broadcaster.

This electric-powered Box, displaying a moving image on a small screen, was a matter of great surprise to the people. In the early days, people came from miles away to see his home, where there was television.

As if the rooftop television antenna was not a symbol of distinction, and the country’s arts and culture programmes are an essential part of the government’s broadcasting infrastructure. Still, the curious thing is that it took a long time for this innovative invention to hit India.

September 15, 1935, thirty-two years after the advent of tv, tv came to India. Faced with many challenges in the early days, the first television was made with a promising chance to set up Doordarshan Kendra in the capital of Delhi. Doordarshan is an Indian government channel.

It is run by Prasar Bharati, an Indian government body. As TV started in India, Doordarshan made pictures on TV for the first time. Doordarshan is one of the names in the Indian TV universe without which the storey of TV history in India can not begin.

It was renamed Doordarshan in Hindi in 1974. It was initially transmitted only three days a week for half an hour. Doordarshan, which started in 19 Parliaments, began broadcasting regularly in 1965. A five-minute newsletter has also been released this year.

The glory days of Doordarshan are back in the country-wide downtown thanks to the Coronavirus. Serials like Ramayana and Mahabharata are continuing to recreate their heyday. The Ramayana, which began in 1986, and the Mahabharata, which started to after that, created a new class of TV watchers in the world.

In those days, during the transmission of Ramayana and Mahabharata, I used to tiptoe in the streets of the country in the morning. Since the advent of colour television in 1992, people’s trends improved. The broadcast of the Asian Games on Doordarshan revolutionised Indian television.

In the same principle, the programme of Krishi Darshan became the architect of the Green Revolution of the World. Krishi Darshan is Doordarshan’s longest-running programme. We, programmes like Buniyaad Nukkad Ramayana Mahabharata, have brought the success of Doordarshan to the stars.

Mile Super Mera Tumhara, like yours, has delivered a message of solidarity among the people, but the majestic image of India, our Bajaj advertising, has positioned our industrial and commercial power in front of the world and remains in the memory of all people.

UNESCO gave India 20 thousand dollars in assistance and 100 Philips television sets to launch Doordarshan. Let us remind you that the 24-hour news channel for Doordarshan launched on November 30, 2003. Doordarshan is a glorious chapter in the history of Indian broadcasting, and it was on this day that Doordarshan began. Happy Birthday to Doordarshan on behalf of Futureshala.com.




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