Government Bans Onion Exports Bangladesh and Nepal

Government Bans Onion Exports Bangladesh and Nepal

The central government has forbidden the sale of all types of onions. This decision was taken to control the prices of onion in the region. Directorate-General for International Trade, i.e., On Monday, DGFT released a notice on this matter to the Directorate-General for International Trade.

According to the notice, all types of onion, whether ground or in powder form, is prohibited with immediate effect on exports. Including Bengaluru Roach and Krishna Puram onion, onion traders claim that vegetable prices are supposed to increase every year during the monsoon season. Still, this time there is a steady trend in many parts of South India, including Nashik, Maharashtra, Gujarat, and Karnataka.

Onion crop losses were significant due to rainfall. The prices of the onion have risen. Let me remind you that the DGFT falls under the Ministry of Trade and Industry. According to media sources, a unit concerned with import and export problems has faced a lack of seasonal lack of onions on the domestic market, however during the sensitive outbreak, onions have been extensively exported in the last few months.

During April-June, India exported 19 decimal eight million dollars of onions. A few days ago, onions sold for Rs 15 to 20 per kg are now available for Rs 45 to 50 per kg. On Monday, the wholesale price of onion in Asia’s largest vegetable market, Azadpur, grew from Rs 26 to Rs 37 per kg.

Onions are widely used in the countries of South Asia. That is why Bangladesh, Nepal is based onion in India, such as Malaysia and Sri Lanka. Around the same time, traders participating in the trade of vegetables claim that, after cabbage, the price of onion is now growing, and, for at least the next 15 days, the cost of onion is hardly lower.

In September last year, the government banned onion exports and also levied an EU MEP of $850 per tonne of onion. At that time, the price of onion had risen due to the disparity between demand and supply. Major countries producing onion, like Maharashtra, had decreased onion due to heavy rains and floods. The export of any product is not permitted below the MEP rate, and the same is seen with onions.



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