Fearing India China now reached East china Sea to wage war

Fearing India China now reached East china Sea to wage war

After being absolutely beaten in the Galwan Valley, China is now retreating and talking of peace, China has come to know that India is not afraid of revolt, and India is going to answer to China.

China is limited because China is engaging in exercises in the East China Sea, which means that Japan is very angry if conditions are to deteriorate; a minor mistake will trigger a world war burn.

After having the right response, China switched to the East China Sea. Now he’s coming down to fight Japan. China’s fight over Senkaku Island from Japan Senkaku is a very tiny and abandoned island.

Senkaku is known as Diaoyutai in Japan and Taiwan. Japan renamed the island to Diaoyudao Senkaku after the dispute. China claims about Senkaku that it has increased day by day tension in China and Japan regarding its island and EC island.

When it changed its name, China objected strongly to it. July 2020 The Japanese Defense White Paper states that China is trying to enter the Senkaku Islands and do its will.

On the other hand, when did I get a chance to teach China a lesson. Because of this, the US announced to help Japan against China.

China is already home to the South China Sea with Taiwan, and the East China sea has announced to come with Japan, so it is easy to understand how China has been laying a trap on the water.

On the other hand, China is increasing the number of Navy forces on Senkaku Island, with which tension is also growing.

From 2019 to May 2020, China has tried to penetrate the disputed island more than 500 times and has always gathered near the island with Chinese warship submarine and navy ships.



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