FAU-G Know some Special Facts Related To This Game

FAU-G Know some Special Facts Related To This Game

In the past, the military game that came into the debate was seen as an Indian alternative to the censored Pub G Game in India. However, new information about this game has now been released. Fau- G is not a game Like Pub-g.

At the moment, it’s time for the arrival of combat games on the market, but there are some details relevant to this game that you should remember. The military game is not released due to a ban on popular handheld devices. According to the CEO of Ncore Games, the game will release in a few months.

This game can also learn about significant events in the world, such as the Galwan Valley dispute and the sacrifice of Indian soldiers. The first episode of the game is going to be based on the Galwan Valley incident. n Core Games has announced that 20 percent of the proceeds from this game will be donated to the army of India.

Actor Akshay Kumar has named the game Fau-G, and the game is being created under the guidance of a Bollywood actor. Game developers say that Fau-G is being created by highly skilled and competent Escort game developers and is going to be as strong as any foreign game.




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