Donald Trump reveals the mysterious power of America in Bob Woodward’s book Rage

Donald Trump reveals the mysterious power of America in Bob Woodward's book Rage

The book about America’s President Donald Trump remains a topic of discussion. In this book, Donald Trump is quoted as claiming that Kim Jong-un has told Trump about his uncle’s murder. The Washington Post editor and investigative journalist, Bob Woodward’s book Rage, reveals several references referring to those 18 interviews with Trump, the threat of single-handed infection North Korean leader Kim Jong-un North in the book range carrying a mysterious weapon US President Donald Trump’s comments remain a topic of discussion at the moment.

Woodward wrote that Trump told him that Mystery was deeply impressed when he first met the leader of North Korea in Singapore in 2018. According to the book, Trump said that Kim told me everything, and Kim also told how he murdered his uncle. Trump told Woodward that The CIA has no idea how to deal with Pyongyang.

Trump has denied the critique of his three meetings with Kim. Trump said of North Korea that he enjoys nuclear weapons like his own home and that he can’t sell them. During the increasing conflict between the US and North Korea in 2017, Trump said to Woodward, “I have made a nuclear military a military device as this world has never seen before.” We have a tool that you might have never seen or learned before. We’ve got that sort of stuff in the middle of increasing uncertainty, Trump said to Woodward, “I’ve made a nuclear bomb a bomb machine this country didn’t have before.”

We have something that Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping have never heard about before. Investigative journalist, Bob Woodward’s book Rage will be released in stores as of 15 September. Woodward posted extracts from this book and parts of Trump’s interview, and the novel is based on the 18 love introductions that the US President provided to Woodward from December to July.

The Washington Post has made available extracts from this novel. Woodward is the publisher of The Washington Post, and his book has come at a time when the US is stood at the end of the presidential election.




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