Controversy over India being taught to children in Nepal, new map also published

Controversy over India being taught to children in Nepal, new map also published

Relations between India and Nepal have not been successful for some time. The explanation for this is the boundary conflict between the two nations. In the end, it appeared likely this conflict would be settled. But in the meantime, Nepal has again taken this kind of move, which has now generated a new controversy.

In reality, the Nepalese government published the contested map in the children’s book. According to the Kathmandu Post reports, the border dispute with India is also reported.

With this, there was a risk of a blow to the diplomatic dialogue between the two countries. Nepal Minister of Education Giriraj Mani Pokhriyal himself provided information on the book.

T is listed in the book Geography of Nepal in the neighboring region. This month’s senior high school students will be educated. See Pokhriyal’s introduction to this title. According to the report, Uttarakhand’s Kalapani has been identified as part of Nepal.

The book states that the area of Nepal is one crore 47 lakh six hundred and 41 thousand decimal two eight square kilometers, including the location of 460 square kilometers, Kalapani. New books in Nepal educate children about the Nepalese region and also address boundary conflicts.

In such a situation, the question emerged that it was appropriate to do so, particularly when there were much more pressing issues before the government. Please tell us your view on the Nepalese activity in the comment section.




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