Chinese Ambassador’s big statement on India China Clash said India-China partner not rival

Chinese Ambassador's big statement on India China Clash said India-China partner not rival

Foreign ministers of the two countries have recently met in Moscow to ease LAC tensions between India and China in Ladakh. Following talks between Indian Foreign Minister S Jaishankar and his Chinese counterpart Wang Yi, the two countries agreed on five issues.

Chinese Ambassador to India Sun Widodo responded to the talks between the foreign ministers of both countries. In this, the language of the Chinese Ambassador seems to have changed quite a lot; this time, India has not been accused of reverse encroachment as before. Around the same time, he turns the claims of the Indian Army and the media in his favor.

Also, Widodo cleverly based LAC’s entire frustration on the Black event. He concentrated on the Indian encroachment on the Black Tow rather than on the Chinese encroachment elsewhere. The Chinese Ambassador said that, given the border accidents, it was important for the relationship between China and India to be given the right direction.

In this respect, after the talks, the leaders of both countries reached significant agreements. It also contains the simple understanding that China and India are allies rather than rivals. We are possibilities for each other, not a hazard. We need stability instead of war.

He said we saw that there was a strong response in India to the five-point agreement between the two countries. This indicates that both sides want to settle the boundary issue. I trust and assume that these arrangements will be complied with by all nations. Soon there would be a way to solve the existing problems. He said as the Chinese Foreign Minister said at the meeting, that it is normal for China and India to have disagreements as neighboring countries.

The main thing is to make fair use of these differences in a bilateral relationship. We are now facing problems such as battling epidemics to drive the economy forward and to increase people’s standard of living.



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