China is trying to capture the Bhutan China Border [India is with Bhutan]

China is trying to capture the Bhutan China Border [India is with Bhutan]

After Ladakh and the South China Sea, China’s People’s Liberation Army is also planning to open a front against Bhutan. After the intervention in Nepal, peace between India and China in Bhutan is not acceptable to China. People who are aware of the matter claim that China has done a new trick to tip the boundary in its favour.

China is encouraging Bhutan to achieve its purpose in the LAC. China has stationed a significant number of troops in the western and central parts of the state to place pressure on Bhutan. Bhutan is adjacent to the Siliguri Corridor, and any land deal on Bhutan would harm the Indian security framework.

There is a chance that, with the aid of the PLA, Beijing will penetrate and encroach upon the encroached areas and the western portion before the subsequent negotiations. This is also because China cites not only LAC and Tibet, but also 318 square kilometres in west Bhutan and 495 square kilometres in the central region.

In this region, China is also always trying to intimidate the Royal Army of Bhutan by patrolling. As this area is close to Doklam, China is continuing to develop infrastructure in this region. According to National Security Officials, the PLA has expanded monitoring in North Doklam. In June, China also raised objections to the Deng Wildlife Century project with Bhutan, according to which it is also it’s own.

Because of its proximity to Arunachal, India may also be drawn into this conflict, which is suspected to be the real reason for China. The Government of Bhutan, of course, firmly opposed it. Rejecting China’s assertion, Thimpu also made it clear that it is part of Bhutan and is not in dispute.

However, the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs has confirmed that the border between China and Bhutan has been set. India is also careful about China’s plans and is continuously watching the region. India has warned Bhutan, and the two nations are frequently in touch.




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