Britain sent its most powerful warship to teach lesson against China

Britain sent its most powerful warship to teach lesson against China

After India and America, Britain, too, is now planning to invade China. The British Royal Navy has requested approval to deploy the most potent HMS Queen Elizabeth warship in the South China Sea. Given the challenge from China in the South China Sea, Britain has taken this decision.

Recently, for the first time at sea, the British Royal Navy’s qualified lightning fighter jet conducted the war. The aircraft operated by the Royal Navy in the South China Sea consists of two squadrons, three frigates, two B Lightning fighter jets, two Type Protected destroyers, two-three frigates, two tankers, and a fleet of helicopters.

Members of the House of Commons of the United Kingdom warned the government that the scale of the Chinese aircraft carrier fleet is a clear sign of China being a maritime superpower. He said that as the Chinese Navy has increased dramatically as 2014, 335 ships in the Chinese fleet are believed to have deepened ties between the two countries through exercises in the vicinity of China.

The US Navy also had two aircraft carriers in the South China Sea under threat from China. Indeed, the Chinese military warned, during the Global Days, that China’s Dolphin Bunty One and Dolphin Bunty Pie killer missiles could disable American aircraft carriers.

After the US Navy deployed USS aircraft carrier Ronald Reagan to the USS in the South China Sea. Explain that about 80 percent of China’s South China Sea asserts historical authority over it. Last June, the US accused China of seeking to build a maritime kingdom, but Beijing denied US claims.



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