Bihar Assembly Election 2020 Schedule Announced

Bihar Assembly Election 2020 Schedule Announced

The declaration of the elections to the Bihar Assembly may now be made at any time. It is clear from the indications obtained by the Election Commission that elections can be announced in Bihar within a week.

The Commission continues to report on the arrangements for elections in Bihar. Chief Commissioner Sunil Arora was the first election commissioner in India’s modern history to conduct elections to the Assembly during health issues, and later to hold elections to the Bihar Assembly.

Political parties are urging the Election Commission to delay the polls for some time on certain occasions. Yet the Election Committee is also how the elections to the Assembly can be conducted on schedule. The Commission has almost finished the planning, and now they’re all waiting.

The term of the election declaration of the Bihar Assembly finishes on 29 November. In such a case, the election can be held at any time, and it is evident from the details obtained from the Election Commission that the election will be told within a week. Elections will take place in three phases.

The Election Commission declared the elections to the 2015 Assembly on 9 September. From September 9 onwards, there was talk that elections to the Bihar Assembly could be announced at any time, so that Diwali could resolve the whole voting process and that the ground could be counted before Diwali.

So counting analysis is only going to be completed after the Chhath festival. Bihar is going to have a new government by November 29. This time, the voting process would be distinctly new and separate from the polls that have taken place in the past seven decades, with the state alternating through six months of locking and unlocking due to an outbreak.

By-elections will also be conducted in one Lok Sabha seat and 64 assembly seats, of which 27 are in Madhya Pradesh. Now, the eyes are on the board.




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