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Giaa Manek Wiki, Bigg Boss Season 14, Boyfriend, Education & More

This time, we are not going to see Giaa Manek in Bigg Boss season 14, which you see on TV as Sanskar Bahu, but she is a child in her real life. Saath Nibhana Saathiya Gopi Bahu was going to join Salman Khan’s show but due to the Colors TV contract, she will not be the part of the show this time.

Let us say more about them to you. Giaa Manek was born on 18 February 1986 in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, her father’s name was Harshad Manek and her mother’s name was Reena Manek.

Giaa Manek Big Boss Season 14

She did a bunch of work at the age of 17, including Amul and Vatika Hair Oil. They used to get 25 thousand rupees at that time. Giaa has completed a degree in Advertisement and Marketing.

She then played a minor role in the 2010 comedy film Na Ghar Ke Na Ghaat Ke but was identified by playing the role of Gopi Bahu in Star Plus’s most popular show Saath Nibhaana Saathiya.

But she quit the show in 2015 because of Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa. After that, in 2015, she was seen playing the part of Jeevan in SAB TV’s Jeannie Aur Juju sitcom.

Besides these series, Na Tumne Kuch Kaha Na Maine Kuch Suna, Ajab Gajab Ghar Jamai, and Manmohini.

She also played in the same box cricket league for the Delhi Dragons Side. In addition to performing, she also does social work. She is funding the Smile Foundation India. She also took a stroll to the Girl Child Education ramp.

It was also said he had a love affair with TV star Ankit Bathla. But she described Ankit’s relationship with him as a friend.

The same name of Giaa is now also affiliated with Nishant Singh Malkani. The news is that they’re dating each other. Let us also remind you that both of them have promoted the Malaysian Penang together. They all had an opportunity to watch the show together everywhere.

Manek is suspected to have a deeper link to the controversy. In 2012, she went to the hookah bar with her mother, where the police arrested the hookah smokers. She was also apprehended at that period, but later it was discovered that she was not involved in this and that she was released as well.

Apart from that, she was surrounded by claims about the Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa presentation. During that time when he got the offer of this reality show, Saath Nibhana Saathiya played an important role in the Star Plus show.

Star plus terminated the relationship with her with immediate effect due to a breach of trust and reckless conduct. Alright, what’s going to happen when Other Celebrities comes into Bigg Boss’s home, hurts people by her acts, or makes a plan, it’s going to be pretty interesting.


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20+ American Famous Personalities Who Have Unexpected Strange Habits

If you thought your habits are strange, you’ll never believe the odd habits of these iconic American famous Personalities who have unexpected strange habits. It turns out being out of the ordinary is the new ordinary. These stars are showing us you can never be too famous to have idiosyncrasies.


Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton doesn’t only make wishes when she blows out her birthday candles. The socialite and businesswoman are obsessed with making a wish every day at eleven o’clock.

Some people believe the universe is listening to you. And so this is the ideal time to ask the universe to help make your wildest dreams come true.


Addison Rae

Everyone’s favorite TiK-Tok star and Dancer Rae is comfortable leaving her house with no shoes on. In a YouTube video posted to her channel, she showed us that she’s prepared to leave the house with nothing on her feet.

When her dad asked her what would happen if they got into a car accident, she reluctantly agreed to throw some shoes on. To be fair, she wasn’t planning on getting out of the car, so we’ll give her a pass for this one.


Elon Musk

Here’s a habit we’re glad got kicked. Elon Musk used to drink eight cans of Diet Coke and two cups of coffee every day. Thankfully for his health, he doesn’t do this anymore and gave up this habit before he became successful. These days, he says he’s about one or two caffeinated drinks per day.


Kylie Jenner

Well, we’re used to seeing Kylie Jenner eat bacon, avocado, and scrambled eggs for breakfast on Instagram. Her sister says that she dabbles in some interesting meals. Kendall told Jimmy Fallon that Kylie sometimes eats Haagen-Dazs ice cream and pomegranate seeds for breakfast.

Kudos to her for eating ice cream for breakfast and still being able to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Suddenly, we don’t feel so bad about some of our guilty pleasures.


Mariah Carey

Celebrities love to try the most interesting Diet. Mariah Carey was known to exclusively eat purple foods for three days out of the week.

This diet is called the Purple Diet, and the diva was able to shed all of her baby weight by only eating purple foods like plums, grapes, and eggplants for some time.

Purple fruits and vegetables are supposed to be rich in anthocyanins, which are said to lower inflammation, increase brain health, and fight cancer.


Katy Perry

can you guess who’s afraid of getting cavities? It’s Katy Perry. The pop star is obsessed with brushing her teeth because she’s terrified of getting fillings.

While most people brush their teeth twice a day, the musician brushes her pearly whites six times every single day. She even carries a toothbrush with her at all times. The singer just had a daughter with Orlando Bloom. We wonder if she makes him follow the same oral hygiene routine.


David Beckham

people thought David Beckham had a weird habit, but it turns out what people thought was a weird habit was a form of OCD where everything has to be in numbers or pairs right down to the drinks in his fridge.

It’s said that all his drinks need to be in pairs and odd ones get removed. He also has three refrigerators in his home, one for food, one for drinks, and one for salad.


Khloe Kardashian

Khloe Kardashian is known for being the most organized of the Kardashian Jenner clan. She has even referred to herself as having Khloe said, well, OCD is a serious medical condition.

Khloe has referred to it in a positive light as she’s been vocal about enjoying the organization. It is, however, important to note that OCD can be a debilitating condition, even though Khloe does not often refer to it this way.


Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is an expert in optimizing his time. His closet is filled with multiple T-shirts that are all the same.

So he never has to waste time figuring out what to wear. The T-shirts aren’t just any old T-shirt. They are specially ordered from Brunello Cucinelli and cost between three hundred and four hundred dollars each. If he wanted to change his outfits up, though, we bet he could afford a stylist.


Steve Jobs

Speaking of odd eating habits, the late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs was known to only eat one food for weeks at a time. Did you hear that right? He would indulge in one type of food, like apples or carrots.

He ate so many carrots at one time that his skin turned bright orange. We wonder what he was eating when he came up with the name for his trillion-dollar company. We bet it was Macintosh Apples.


Jennifer Aniston

Our favorite celebrities have a lot of superstitions about flying. Jennifer Aniston will only enter a plane with her right foot and will tap the outside of the plane before entering every flight so that she can protect herself from bad luck.

If that doesn’t work, Jen, we hear throwing a Britney Spears album. I will do the trick.


Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell shows us he’s a kid at heart by climbing trees. Daly The American Idol judge’s favorite hobby has become a ritual for him.

And all that fresh air seems to be doing wonders for the 60-year-old because we swear. He just doesn’t seem to age.

Simon has a six-year-old son who probably loves the fact that his dad’s willing to get down and dirty outdoors. We wonder who can climb higher.


Megan Fox

Did You ever get nervous on a flight? Megan Fox does, but she doesn’t take sleeping pills or meditate to calm her nerves. She puts her headphones in and listens to Britney Spears albums. I guess one could say Britney Spears is saving her life one album at a time.


Demi Moore

Speaking of anti-aging, Demi Moore has a detox secret that might make your skin crawl. She is said to use the age-old technique of leeches to detoxify her blood. Leeches can increase blood circulation and can treat cardiovascular diseases and circulatory disorders.


Tom Cruise

Celebrities do love thinking outside of the box when it comes to their beauty routines. Tom Cruise credits Byrd for his good looks. The star is a fan of the Geisha Facial, a facial that costs one hundred and eighty dollars a pop and is made from powdered nightingale droppings.

The technique is borrowed from geishas who supposedly use Nightengale droppings as a natural exfoliant, wondering what it smells like to have that on your face. Some say it smells musky and medicinal, and some say it has no smell at all.


Catherine Zeta-Jones

Catherine Zeta-Jones has an obsession with another oral hygiene product, homemade strawberry toothpaste. After brushing with regular toothpaste, Catherine brushes her teeth with pureed strawberries mixed with baking soda.

Strawberries contain Malic acid, which is supposed to be a whitening agent. This seems to be a way more affordable way to whiten teeth.


Kit Harington

Almost 25 percent of all Americans suffer from getting nervous about flying, and celebrities are no exception. Game of Thrones actor Kit Harington is not able to board a plane without touching the outside three times.

This isn’t the only flying superstition he has. He also cannot take off without his lucky pen, a pen he’s had since he was a child. Do you think there’s still ink in it?


James McAvoy

How’s this for an odd superstition? James McAvoy fights off bad luck by saying White Rabbit to the first person he sees on the first day of each month. This superstition is supposed to make sure you have good luck for the rest of the month.

The habit starts to feel a little weird when you think about the first person he sees as a stranger.


Britney Spears

Britney Spears habit is one many of us can relate to when she gets nervous, she bites her nails.

This might be why her nails are consistently short when we see her on TV and online. Britney, you’re not alone. Almost 30 percent of the population has this nervous habit.

A lot of people try painting bad-tasting formulas on their nails to prevent them from biting. We wonder if Brits tried this.


Stephen King

American author Stephen King is known for writing terrifying thrillers before he sits down to write the stories that make us too scared to go to sleep. He takes part in a less terrifying ritual. He eats cake before he sits down to start writing.

He enjoys a slice of cheesecake. If that’s what gets your creative juices flowing, Steven, then we stand with you. He’s also known to not eat anything slippery or slimy like oysters.


Pam Anderson

Pam Anderson doesn’t know because she has a phobia of looking at reflective objects. We always think that celebrities love looking at themselves in the mirror.

After all, they work hard to look the way they do. But Pamela Anderson’s phobia prevents her from doing this thing we all do daily.

She has also never watched herself on TV. Pam, Baywatch is really good. You should watch it.


Teri Hatcher

We love a good hot bath with a glass of wine and it turns out so does Teri Hatcher. But she doesn’t drink the wine. She pours it right into the bath.

Red wine has antioxidants giving the best antibiotic and firming properties to help her keep her skin looking soft and smooth and improve elasticity. Next time you have a bath, Terry, we hear topping it off with rose petals is a great finishing touch.




Bhumi Pednekar said Ranveer Singh’s profession should be that of a sexologist

Bhumi Pednekar thinks that if Ranveer Singh wasn’t an athlete, he would have become a sexologist. On Neha Dhupia’s podcast, No Filter Neha asks Bhoomi to recommend an actor who can be a successful sex doctor.

So Bhumi said that I hope Ranveer’s going to have some brilliant ideas. Bhumi also spoke about Ranveer’s audition for the band Baja Baaraat. Then Bhoomi was the head of casting.

The actress said her motivation was really fantastic, and she was highly praised for it. With her strong success, Bhumi has achieved a different spot in Bollywood. He made his debut in Bollywood with Ayushmann Khurrana ‘s film Dum Lageke Haisha.

She never looked back for him again. The actress is in the headlines after the release of Dolly Kitty Aur Woh Chamakte Sitare, released in 2019. Soon after that, Bhoomi will be seen in her next film, Durgavati. In which Bhumi will play the role of an officer of the IAS.



Corona Update: Corona Recovery Rate Increased In Jammu Kashmir, 15000 Corona Infected Patients Healed

Relieving news has emerged from Jammu and Kashmir amid rising cases of corona throughout the region. In the past 10 days, 15,000 patients with coronary heart disease have been healed. The recovery rate in the Jammu division has risen to more than 60%. The average recovery rate in Jammu and Kashmir is more than 70%.

So far more than 74 thousand people have been afflicted with Jammu and Kashmir. There are more than 17 thousand open cases. Hundreds of patients are seeking care at the city’s flagship GMC ladder and Gandhi Nagar Coed Hospital.

Around the same time, more than 11 hundred people were infected by the deadly virus. 331 people have died due to corona in Jammu and 833 in Kashmir.  More than 54 thousand contaminated patients have beaten the corona.

This is a very large figure, with more than 17,000 patients in Jammu and 36,000 in Kashmir. The government of Jammu and Kashmir and the health department are actively seeking to minimize the scale of the polluted corona.

The recovery of 15,000 coronary affected patients in Jammu and Kashmir over the last ten days is relief news for the Jammu and Kashmir Governments and the Health Department. The capital of Srinagar is at the forefront of disaster.

More than 287 people died here, while more than 174 died in the winter capital of the Jammu district in the second place. In comparison, more than 122 people died in Baramulla.

So far more than 12,000 people have been afflicted in the Jammu region, among which more than 8500 patients have also been treated.



Shahrukh Khan’s daughter Suhana Khan trolled about brown skin tone

Shahrukh Khan’s 20-year-old daughter Suhana Khan is reportedly studying in New York City. These days, Suhana and her family are staying in India. She stays very active on social media, but she’s been trolled a lot at times because of her skin tone.

Now, for the first time, Suhana has expressed the apartheid agony she had with her and has also given a fitting response to the trollers. She said about the height and the color of the skin in one of her posts and said he was proud of it.

Screenshots of ugly remarks posted by users have also been circulated. Suhana Khan posted an image of her smiling and wrote that several things are going on at the moment. And this is a question that needs to be discussed.

It’s not only about me, but all the boys and girls who grow up without any inferiority complex. Here are some of the remarks on my look. When I was 12 years old, I was branded hideous by men and women who had grown up entirely because of my skin color.

It was, in truth, adult, despite that. The unfortunate thing is that we’re all Indians, which naturally makes us brown. Well, we come in different shades, but no matter how hard you want to separate yourself from Melanin. You can’t do it. Hate your own people means that you are vulnerable to harm.

I’m so sorry. If Ki and even your own relatives in social media Indian matches tell you that if your height isn’t 5 foot 7 inches or your color isn’t reasonable, then you’re not beautiful.

I hope this will let you realize that my height is 5 foot 3 inches, and my color is brown, and I’m very pleased about it, and you should be too.

Suhana also requested, together with this, to remove color variations. He wrote one more message sharing and told those who don’t speak Hindi that Black is called Hindi Black. Black is used by women with a dark skin tone.

Suhana ‘s post on apartheid has gained support from fans as well as celebrities. Many celebrities, including Soha Ali Khan, Sanjay Kapoor, Riddhima Kapoor Sahni, Alia Kashyap, are commenting on Suhana ‘s Instagram post and talking about being proud of her.

Do you think attractiveness should be the norm of blondness, too? And let us know your thoughts in the comments box.


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France: Police clarification on the news of Paris explosion said do not panic

There have been reports of a big explosion in Paris. It is said that the explosion was so rapid that the sound was heard in the nearby areas. News agency ANI has been quoted as saying that full information has not yet been released in this situation.

According to the same online media report, eyewitnesses state that unheeded buildings were shaking with the sound of a blast. The sound of the explosion was heard in Paris as well as in the nearby suburbs. The tone is said to be that of a fighter plane that breached the sound barrier.

Let me remind you that anytime the speed of something is faster than the speed of sound or sound, it’s called supersonic speed. The speed of the vacuum sound is 232 meters per second. When anything runs at a speed of more than 200 thirty meters per second, it is called supersonic speed.

When the plane flies faster than the speed of sound, it produces a sound boom. A significant volume of sound energy is produced, due to which no sound is heard until the aircraft appears, but only after the aircraft has passed, there is a loud bang-like sound.

The police appealed to the people not to dislodge emergency vehicles on this whole issue. Let me remind you that the current hearing of the case of a terrorist attack in Charli Abdo, France, began in 2015. Panic spreads among the people there in such a situation.



Mumbai Police has issued summons to Anurag Kashyap

Bollywood film director and producer Anurag Kashyap’s problems seem to be rising in the sexual assault case filed by actress Payal Ghosh. The Mumbai Police gave a summons to Anurag Kashyap.

The police asked Anurag Kashyap to appear before the Versova Police Station at 11 am on 1 October for questioning. Actor Payal Ghosh lodged an FIR against Anurag Kashyap at Versova Police Station, Mumbai, on 23 September.

The charges against Kashyap in the FIR include rape, wrongful restraint, and insult to the lady. But so far no action has been taken on Kashyap. Ghosh has been continuously demanding that Anurag be detained as soon as possible.

The police have brought a complaint against Ram Kashyap under section 376(1) of the IPC with a view to breaching, abusing and breaching the privacy of the victim under rape 354, and further sections 341 and 342.

According to Actress Payal Ghosh’s lawyer Tin Nitin Satpute, the alleged rape incident took place in August 2013 when the actress was in search of work and she had met Anurag Kashyap in this connection.

The lawyer further said that Anurag Kashyap first fixed the meeting in his office and no disturbances were found there. After this, she called the actress to eat at home and for the third time she asked to come home and when the actress arrived, she said look at my movie collections and after that Anurag Kashyap raped her.

Payal Ghosh had made serious allegations against Anurag Kashyap even during a conversation with TV9 India. After this, a statement was issued by Anurag Kashyap’s lawyer stating that my client Anurag Kashyap was hurt by some false allegations.

These grossly unscrupulous and dishonest allegations; It was also said on their behalf that the significance and credibility of the MeToo Moment are being reduced by these allegations.



US Election 2020: Donald Trump presidential debate to Joe Biden, Topics

The first presidential debate will take place on Tuesday for the presidential election to be held in the United States on 3 November. According to Indian time, this debate will occur at half-past six o’clock in the morning on Wednesday and at 9 o’clock in the American time on Tuesday.

Donald Trump is again the presidential nominee of the Republican Party, while on the Democratic side, Joe Biden will be in front of him; this time, three debates will be President-level plus one of the Vice-Presidential candidates.

According to the details, the first debate to be held in Ohio will last 90 minutes and cover six subjects. They will be split into 15, 15 minutes, and there will be no pause in this 90-minute discussion.

This time because of Corona, there would be only one moderator of the Presidential Debate. There will be no panelists in the discussion this time. The Debate Commission has not shared enough information about whether or not there will be a live audience to witness the debate.

Trump’s wife, Melania Trump, and daughter Ivanka, will be there. The historical tradition of joining hands will also not be played this time. Applicants and moderators would not wear masks during the debate.

The discussion on the President is of significant significance in the US presidential term. According to American tradition, presidential candidates are discussing each other face to face. Any political question that worries the public is posed in this discussion. It’s called the Presidential Debate.

The Presidential Debate began in the USA in 1958. This year’s first debate was between Abraham Lincoln and Stephen Douglas. There were seven debates between the two, and there was no host for these debates.

Six subjects will be included in the 90-minute discussion. Each topic will have 15 minutes to discuss. Joe Biden is going to put his perspective on Donald Trump in the next 15 minutes. Donald Trump and Joe Biden’s record will be the first question of the initial discussion in Ohio.

The second is the topic of the Supreme Court, and the third is concerned with the Corona issue. The fourth economy The violence in the fifth city and the importance of the sixth election will be the second debate between Donald Trump on Joe Biden on 15 October and the third on 22 October.

This time, what’s your view about the US presidential election? It’ll undoubtedly tell us in the comment section.


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Bihar Election: Upendra Kushwaha forms new front with BSP and JPS not made with NDA

A further alliance was created in Bihar just before the elections. The leader of the Rashtriya Lok Samata Party (RLSP), Upendra Kushwaha, declared his new front, breaking away from the Grand Alliance.

This coalition includes the RLSP of Upendra Kushwaha and several minor parties such as the BSP of Mayawati and the Socialist Party of Janata.

Upendra Kushwaha declared his partnership with the BSP during the Patna program. Upendra Kushwaha’s next step in Bihar politics has been waiting for several days. There was a fast-paced debate that Upendra Kushwaha would leave the Grand Alliance.

However, it was also said that they might leave the alliance and return to the NDA. There was a conversation that JDU had assigned to BJP the task of negotiating with Upendra Kushwaha.

However, this proved to be only political speculation. Announcing the new alliance, Upendra Kushwaha fiercely targeted Nitish Kumar and his government in his old attitude. Kushwaha said that Nitish Kumar had taken Bihar to the abyss in 15 years.

It is essential to free Bihar from Nitish Kumar. Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar spent 15 years just saving the chair. He said that it is not possible to remove Nitish from today’s opposition.

Till yesterday, Upendra, who was part of the grand alliance, along with RJD, was announcing the change of Bihar. Today, after breaking away from the Grand Alliance, his tone for the RJD changed. Along with Nitish, he also targeted Lalu Raj. Upendra Kushwaha said that in Lalu Raj, people used to collect money with both hands. There was no work without money.

Nitish Kumar also works like a 15-year-old. In Bihar, both are two sides of a coin. You can guess how much Upendra Kushwaha’s attitude towards RJD has left him after leaving the Grand Alliance, that he has questioned Tejashwi’s studies.

Kushwaha said that how was the education system in Lalu’s time, understand from this that Lalu could not even pass matriculation to his two sons. He said that something is going on between RJD and BJP.

The decision RJD has taken recently proves this. Kushwaha said that Nitish Kumar is comparing himself to a failed student. Bringing number 17 as compared to number 30 is robbing bravado.

Upendra has announced to contest all the 243 seats in Bihar. In his alliance, he has also invited Chirag Paswan to join. Kushwaha said that all who should come in this alliance are welcome.

On the stampede in the RLSP during the election, Kushwaha said that we had removed our boat from the midstream. So those who are weak-hearted are running better.


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Understand the MSP dispute in Agriculture Bill in simple language 2020

Politics is at its peak in the Farmers Bill in the world as a whole. The Government argues that farmers will benefit from this bill, so the opposition is actively criticizing the Government that the Government is destroying farmers’ rights.

In reality, the real game that is going on in this entire problem is the MSP of MSP, i.e., the minimum price of help that farmers pay for their crops.

The Government has also, in a panic, raised the MSP of six rabi crops, but the matter has been slowly catching up in return for peace. What’s the real game of this MSP and Procurement Rate strategy. After all, let’s see what the heck this MSP and the acquisition process is.


MSP (Minimum support price)

is the minimum price at which the Government is willing to buy the whole quantity of grain produced by the producers. The minimum price of help shall be declared by the Government on the advice of the Agricultural Costs and Prices Commission twice a year during the Rabi and Kharif Season.

The MSP of the crop is fixed in such a way that farmers would have the minimum cost that has been set in every situation.


Procurement Rate

Procurement price i is the price at which the Government buys the product after it has been harvested. The critical difference between the selling price and the MSP is that the MSP is announced before sowing, whereas the inventory is announced after harvesting.

In fact, from 1968 to 1969, MSP and Procurement began to be deemed the same. No separate procurement agreements have been made. The MSP itself was known to be an acquisition.

Farmers who have been stealing for 70 years Now, since the Farmers Bill, there is a noise that injustice is being done to farmers. Still, since 1969, MSP and Procurement have been combined into one, with the effect that crop before and after harvesting. No one has even dreamed of raising the cost of growing it—neither the former governments nor the new governments.

The main explanation for this is the lack of an MSP scheme outside the industry. There is no big issue with the three laws enacted by the nation, but there is no allowance for any other method to be equal to the market.

That’s the root of the real challenge. If a private player reaches this area, the MSP should also be configured for this to happen. If the farmer places Rs 1925 per quintal of wheat on the shelf, the same provision should also be made for private companies. Which is not listed in the bill, and that’s why the farmer is on the lane.