Assembly seats of Bihar Maybe in dispute with the NDA

Assembly seats of Bihar Maybe in dispute with the NDA

The election of Bihar is no less than every Mahabharata. The Election Commission has not yet declared the election date. Still, the rhetoric of the day has persisted between the Bihar Nitish government and the opposition that engulfed the government on the issue of unemployment.

The language of the opposition is understandable, but it is essential to distinguish between the parties participating in the NDA. We claim this because the BJP and the JDU battled independently in the 2015 elections. In the race, all parties put up candidates against each other.

There are also seats in which the two parties beat each other’s candidates by a margin of a few votes. Almost fifty-two seats had been such that there was a tough contest between the BJP and the JDU candidates.

In such a scenario, history is expected to be able to repeat itself in 2020. Also, there could be a dispute between the two parties over the right of these seats in the elections to the Bihar Assembly.

It was apparent in this election that the most significant fight was going to be between the NDA and the Grand Alliance. No vote has yet been reached on the allocation of seats in all coalitions.

People in both coalitions say that the issue of the seats in them has been finalized, but it can not be accepted unless a formal announcement has been made.

If we look at the circumstances so far, it is clear that BJP, JDU, LJP, and we in the NDA will compete for equal seats in this coalition for BJP and JDU. In such a case, the screws on the two sides may be twisted.

If we take the outcome of the 2015 elections to be the basis, there were 22 seats in which there was a tight contest between the BJP and the JDU candidates. In these seats, the candidates of both parties beat each other by a margin of fewer than 10,000 votes.

In such a case, where there is a discussion of the allocation of seats, all parties will stake their position to those seats. In several of the congratulated seats in 2015, JDU beat BJP by a slim margin.

That includes Supaul Gopalpur Amar, Rajgir Nalanda Rajpur, Dinar Navinagar Shivom is the seat where JDU candidates won the 2015 elections, but the gap in victory here was just 10,000 votes. In such a scenario, BJP will be able to challenge these seats in the forthcoming 2020 elections.

Likewise, in 2015 Bihar’s 24 seats, BJP defeated the JDU candidates and fed the Lotus. Bagha Nautan Chanpatia Kalyan Pipra Madhuban Katihar Muzaffarpur Siwan Lakhisarai Jhajha These seats are included in those seats.

While the BJP candidate won by a very slim margin, the 12-strong Bihar Sharif Muzaffarpur seats where JDU dominates, in such a scenario, it would be fascinating to see what kind of deal there will be for NDA seats.



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