Ajit Doval Leaves SCO Meeting After Pakistan Presents The Wrong Map

Ajit Doval Leaves SCO Meeting After Pakistan Presents The Wrong Map

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has reported that, at the meeting of the National Security Advisors of the Member States arranged by Russia, Chairman of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, the Pakistani NSA intentionally inserted a wrong map that Pakistan has recently begun to release.

The Ministry of External Affairs also reported that the sentence handed down by the host on behalf of Pakistan had been wholly disregarded. Negotiating with the host, Ajit Doval objected immediately and left the meeting.

Even after that, Pakistan proceeded to show a false image at the conference. The Indian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said at the SCO meeting that Pakistan’s National Security Advisor was attempting to present an incorrect map.

The Pakistani NSA ignored the SCO rule, putting the contested map in the background. The foreign ministry has said that there is another indication of Pakistan’s nonsense. During the conference, Pakistan breached the SCO Guidelines. India has referred to Pakistan as a hostile move.

Anurag Srivastava, the spokesperson for the Indian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said that the Pakistan National Security Advisor had purposely provided a hypothetical map at the conference. Pakistan is continuing to share this map.

India left the meeting to condemn Pakistan’s actions. Foreign Ministry spokesperson Anurag Shrivastava said that Russia was chairing the meeting. He said this was a breach of the advice provided by the host and a violation of the conference rules.

The Imran Khan Government recently published a new map of Pakistan on 4 August, including Jammu and Kashmir, Ladakh and portions of Gujarat.

The issue of Article 370 awarding special status from Pakistan to Jammu and Kashmir on behalf of India was published a day before the first anniversary of its neutralization. Pakistan placed the same map in its history at the meeting at the level of the NSA.



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